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Is counselling for me?

Counselling can help people for a variety of issues, no matter how big or small they feel their issue is. Talking to someone who in non judgemental, that will listen and provide a safe place for you to talk can help in many ways. Exploring problems with someone not involved can help you make connections, see the bigger picture and help you make changes in your life that fit in with what is going on for you.  Online counselling is very similar to face to face sessions, for more details see Online Counselling Questions further down the page.

How do I book an appointment?

If you would like to book an appointment, please call, text, whatsapp or email.  I aim to respond the same day.

What happens after I make an appointment?

After we have agreed an appointment date and time, I will email you confirming these details.  This email includes directions, how to pay and what to do if you need to change the appointment.

Are you easy to find and where are you based?

I include my address including postcode for satnav and directions from Shrewsbury and Telford in my confirmation email.  I am based just off the B5061 fairly close to The Horseshoe Inn.  I have a private counselling room in a discrete and tranquil countryside setting.  I am within easy reach of Telford, Shrewsbury, Wellington and the surrounding areas.  See the Gallery for pictures of the surrounding area.

 I am nervous about booking an appointment?

Deciding you would like counselling is a brave step forward in helping yourself.  I understand that sometimes this can make you feel nervous, anxious or even awkward.  I offer a warm, friendly welcome to put you at ease straight away.  You are in control of the session and what we talk about.  I will encourage you to feel more confident about yourself as well as improving your self worth/self esteem.

Do you have parking?

I have a big parking area which provides plenty of safe easy parking.  See the Gallery page for a picture of the parking area.

How many sessions will I need?

This is something we can look at together during sessions. Some people feel they may need many sessions others just a few.  This is all dependent on how things are affecting you.  We can have regular reviews to ensure that you are getting the most from counselling.

Isn't counselling the same as talking to a friend?

For many reasons counselling is different from talking to a friend or relative.  Counselling is about 2 people getting together for the sole purpose of helping one of them be listened to without the other butting in or having an opinion.  You can feel free to speak about anything without feeling judged and know that it is confidential.  I want whats best for you, so I have no ulterior motive other than helping you move forward.  When was the last time you felt really heard?

How do I pay?

I take cash, payment link or card payments including applepay.

Online Counselling

Online  counselling is very similar to face to face counselling.  There are many advantages, you can come as you are, even in pyjamas.  You can bring your cup of tea/coffee, have your pets close, as well as stay safe and warm at home.

Before your first online session, I will send you an online contract, which simply needs a reply with some details and your agreement or changes as necessary.  

If you have a smartphone, sessions can be by Facetime with Apple or Whatsapp Facetime.  For those that have a laptop, Skype or Google offer face to face platforms.

I will still be in my counselling room, which is private and the door is kept closed. 

Payment is easy, I can send either my banks details for a payment transfer or a payment link so that you can use a card securely.

If at a future date you wish to have face to face sessions, you can.

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