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Creative Counselling

Each client is unique in their life experiences and how they share their story with other people.  Sometimes its difficult to talk and this is where more creative ways can help express yourself.  This option is personal to each client, it is not essential for counselling, but is available should you want to give it a go.   

Here are some creative counselling examples.  If you feel this would be of interest or help to you, please do ask for more information or say in your next session.

Sand Tray and Animals

Sand Trays are very therapeutic to work with.  For example, running your hands through sand can take you back to a myriad of experiences from childhood and beyond.  Using animals to look at different aspects of your self or others can help you view things from a different perspective.  This in turn helps give you clarity on what is going on in your life or potentially holding you back.


Shells and Stones

I use Shells and Stones in a variety of ways with clients.  The main use is to get clarity on your support network.  In this way you can get a visual image of who in your life is important to you and help establish your own priorities.


Mood Cards

Sometimes we just don't know how we feel.  We can be overwhelmed with feelings and if those feelings are conflicting it can leave us feeling off or just not quite right.  Mood cards can help us see what we are feeling and establish where that is coming from.


Core Needs Cards

These cards help to establish what needs you got met in childhood and then go on to what needs you are getting met as an adult.  It helps identify where those needs are or are not getting met.  This in turn can help us to explore healthy ways to get those needs met by ourselves or others.

Roles Cards

These cards help identify roles we play in our own lives and how that is helping or hindering us.

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